Everything about marine fabrics

We use marine fabrics specially designed for outdoor projects. Our staff is trained to recognize the behavior of the most technologically advanced fabrics used worldwide nowadays and we are always available and ready to provide you with the most appropriate advice on any of our products and customized structures.

imageYears of experience in the design and construction of shade sails in combination with yacht specific knowledge and experience have led to the creation of shade sails which constitute an upgrade to the image of any yacht.
Easy to fit, offer elegance, finesse as well as shade and keep you cool in the hottest summer days. Retractable sun awnings are fabric objects which protect from sun, rain or hail.
Easy to operate you can apply them or remove them when you wish or when conditions require. Create a cool and comfortable outdoor experience and transform your space.

imageComfort on board is becoming an increasingly important factor in yacht design. Marine cushions need to be designed and constructed in a specific way, in order to provide comfort and survive the adverse conditions of life at sea. We 3D design all our cushions, which provide perfect fitment and ease of replacement of even a single lost or damaged cushion, wherever your yacht may be in the world. Our labelling system helps with organizing and storing the cushions in larger yachts.

imageBean bags are widely popular and everybody’s favorite seat. Comfortable, light, flexible and practical have quickly won a place not only in our home but on our yachts, too. Available in a variety of colors, bean bags give you the opportunity to make endless combinations.

imageProtecting your property against the elements is important to prevent big bills. Good quality covers are essential to protect against water, winter threats, dirt and leaves, whilst avoiding the damaging effects of UV radiation. We can design and make any type of cover no matter how big or small, simple or complicated pattern.
We make covers for whatever you wish to protect, from the tiniest equipment to the whole boat. And while covers are considered optional, they certainly prolong the life of your equipment. We offer quality covers, tailored fit, made from a variety of fabrics at prices everyone can appreciate.

The sprayhood is now a necessity on any sailing yacht. It protects the boat and crew from sun, spray, wind, rain, and visually enhances its exterior appearance.
We tailor design and manufacture our spray hoods to fit each individual boat perfectly, providing functionality in all weather conditions and refined aesthetics.

Anyone who has been on a boat in the summer knows that life is simply not bearable without a bimini top. They provide shade, protection and comfort for your crew.
Our bimini tops are custom designed to accommodate each customer’s desires and tailored to fit each specific boat capabilities.
They allow for quick fitment and removal, providing the best possible shading whilst allowing use during crossings even in rough weather.
We take great pride in being pioneers in design and one of the best bimini top and spray hood manufacturers in the world since 1999.

Enclosures make use of your yacht’s outdoor space, create extra storage space, and provide you with much needed privacy. They are the perfect solution to protect upholsteries, covers, wooden structures and the entire yacht from air, spray, sun, water. Enclosures give you the advantage of “living” your space on board, in a cozy atmosphere protected by weather elements.
The surrounding looks completely open with vistas of amazing visibility and clarity that make you enjoy your time at sea. We design enclosures having in mind the needs of each customer and the particularities or each yacht.
We design enclosures having in mind the needs of each customer and the particularities or each yacht.

Dodgers are not so common these days, but they shouldn’t be discounted as they offer a degree of protectioning the cockpit and can be alternatives to enclosures. The cockpit of a yacht can be quite exposed to the elements and sitting out during these times can be an uncomfortable experience.
Dodgers can offer sun protection and act as wind stoppers. They are generally made from UV stable acrylic canvas and available in a wide range of colors to. They are also an ideal location for your vessels name or sail number to be advertised.
For an optional extra nominal charge, PVC lettering and numbers can be added. Our lettering is sewn on it and is available in a wide range of colors, font types and styles. We can even add convenient storage pockets for furling lines and valuable items such as a hand-held GPS or mobile phone.

Sails are the soul of the vessel. They vary greatly in design and performance and it is essential they be tailored to your own yacht and your own needs. Equally important are the material, size, shape and proper maintenance, factors which guarantee optimal performance of the yacht. We specialize in sails, which we market, place, wash, repair and store during winter.

Every sail has a journey.
At sails and canvas we make sure that journey never ends.


Products specifically suited to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other public recreation areas.

Αre devices used to provide shade utilizing the minimum possible hardware elements. They can form fantastically intricate designs, creating architectural sculptures and form an economic means to shade a large area.

There is a connection between our projects and the surrounding environment, having energy saving in mind and protecting people from harmful UVB sunlight. The role of the shading system is not limited to blocking solar radiation, when it is unpleasant. Good shading must allow the sun to enter the interior, when desired, ensuring in each case the proper ventilation and lighting of space.
Controlling light inside a structure is complex and requires specialized knowledge. Light is dynamic, changes from season to season, depending on the time of the day, climate, orientation etc. Sun protection systems are important elements to the façade of a structure contributing not only to their functionality, but also to their aesthetics. Shading systems should interact with overall architecture.

Absolute comfort in business and leisure is evolving into an increasingly important factor in their design. The pillows must be designed and made in such a way as to provide comfort, durability and elegance. At Aeronautica we use 3D design for all our pillows, which allows us to have the result of the ultimate application as well as ease of replacement of even a single pillow that was either lost or destroyed. We do not need to take measures again and again. Our digitized filing system will do the job.

Bean bags are widely popular and everybody’s favorite seat. Comfortable, light, flexible and practical have quickly won a place in our hearts, homes and work. Available in a variety of colors, bean bags give you the opportunity to make endless combinations.

3D Design Process

3D design or modelling is the process by which you can see your project come to life on screen. A creation of 3D representation of any surface or object right on your computer.


Aeronautica team first examines and evaluates your space in detail and then designs the best solution for you, innovatively and effectively. We use the most modern technology and we know the market trends. In the production process we digitize our files, resulting in accurate repeatability.

Support & Maintenance

Our services are provided by experts with years of experience in the field, technical knowledge of materials and above all respect for your equipment.

support & maintenance
  • check / assessment / repair / modification
  • placement / replacement of UV protection ( for sails only )
  • replacement of transparent PVC panels
  • cleaning service
  • storage service
  • installation / uninstallation of sails
  • . . .
other services
  • kite surf repair
  • wind surf repair
  • paraglider wing repair
  • certified paragliding wing control – ( 2 year check )
  • packaging of reserve parachute
  • . . .

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